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The Experience of Travel: Honoring the Process and Engaging the Narrative

I spent some time in Mexico this weekend, a class trip to Tijuana with friends who serve on the ACTW Advisory Board. I’m exhausted this morning but feeling the rewards of being totally immersed in experiences not fully familiar.  I was born in Ohio where my parent’s families have lived for generations.  I then lived […]
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Rest In Peace Mom

Tomorrow my brother and I will meet in Florida to clean out our mom’s apartment.  She died Sometime between Sunday night and Monday Morning in her home, at the age of 64, alone, exhausted and utterly broken.  She left a note that I’ve chosen not to read for the time being.  The toxicology report won’t be back […]
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Because We All Have Mental Health…

How to Keep the Conversation Going

Recently I attended a suicide awareness event held by our local school district in response to several youth who have taken their own lives in the last month.  I was honored to have been invited to participate in the event, “Let’s Talk About It” as part of a panel of community experts.  The event seemed […]
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The Struggle is Real

It was just after the Run Through Redlands in the spring of 2013, roughly my third half marathon and my first attempt at this particularly challenging course, that I realized I had been coughing for months and that the breathlessness I was experiencing and the resulting post-race exhaustion indicated something I would likely need antibiotics […]
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The Radical Middle

Last Saturday evening we brought our fall decorations down from the attic.  It’s always a fun time for our family, opening up boxes and unwrapping items to rediscover the trick or treat hidden inside.  “Remember this one?” my youngest squealed.  Then they found their costumes from last year and within minutes they were engaged in […]
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Falling Through the Cracks

After my “Friday Fun Run” last week, I felt unusually tired.  I decided to work on the accumulation of three weeks’ worth of laundry and return some emails from home instead of going into the office.  The news was on in the background. Mike Huckaby was on CNN discussing the mass shooting at a community […]
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Reflections On My First Keynote Speech

Last night I presented my first keynote speech.  I was honored and took the invitation and opportunity very seriously.  The theme of the evening was “healthy partnerships” and I was thoughtful for days about where I wanted to head, what message I wanted to convey and in what tone.  Finally, when I sat down to […]
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Love, Loss and Life Lessons Learned

What have you been able to learn from the losses experienced by others?

Getting Started

Most of us have ideas about who we’d like to be and what we’d like to be doing. Fewer, though, go after that vision. Sometimes you just have to jump in!