Getting Started

So, this is my first blog entry.  I suppose I should clearly and concisely explain the focus and goal of this blog.  Being a primarily big picture person I don’t know that I can clearly articulate what I hope to accomplish just yet or how specifically I plan to do it.  The vision exists in my head nevertheless and if I don’t start somewhere, I worry I never will.

Napoleon Hill said it infinitely better, “Do not wait: the time will never be ‘just right’. Start where you stand, and work whatever tools you may have at your command and better tools will be found as you go along.”  So, I’ve decided to begin with sharing my apprehension about the decision to meander my way through this regardless, trusting myself and that I will find the tools this journey requires along the way as I need them.

There is no ego in advocacy.  I suppose for me this blog is one way of keeping my ego in check; that irrational, critical, unrelentingly negative side of me that could keep me merely surviving rather than thriving.  Living my most fulfilling authentic life requires that I move forward with my life goals despite the fear that has the potential to keep me in the dark, still, mute and isolated in hopes that it might be helpful to someone.

Being on sabbatical has afforded me the luxury of engaging in therapy for the sole purpose of personal and professional growth.  I started counseling again a few weeks ago after a very long time.  I had promised myself I would during this hiatus.  In our second session the therapist described moving forward in life from a place of survival as “flogging myself forward.”  Sounds exhausting and a bit painful, doesn’t it? That statement really resonated with me.  Why would I continue to flog myself forward if there is a better way of being in the world?

What if we found a kinder more gentle way of being in the world together by being our genuine selves and accepting ourselves and others as we are and without condition?  How would that change the world we live in today?  How could your living fully change the world?  What risks are you willing to take to live authentically?

Perhaps you can’t articulate answers to these questions at this moment. Perhaps the vision exists internally or is being formulated or reinforced in some way even as you read this.  To this I would say, trust that the answers already exist within you waiting to be discovered.  I invite you to come, meander with me.

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